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Friday, August 12, 2005


Have received quite a few mails from people after the death of this blog. A good old college friend with whom I'd lost touch for a long time sent this mail...won't name him, ya it's a "him"...sorry to dash your hopes ((Room No.54...now guess ;-)) but here it is (he's probably been partial in this mail toward me...and that's not the reason why it's being posted :-D).

I read most of your postings on the blog site, so felt that maybe I should write to you.
I should compliment you on being so observant :). You have this intellectual restlessness that was never obvious to others. Atleast to me or most of our common friends in the BMS.

We did thinkthat you were different and were in your own world, but had no idea how much activity was going on in there. Hey, by the way I did notice many times that you were lost or would leave, when we would have conversations about the 'babes' etc. :). However, I never really tried to reason, thinking that you just don't like to make small talk, which is actually kind of true ? or not ? I've a feeling that you are different from the rest (I mean many of us, which is actually good) because you don't have a fast-food approach to life as 'we'. 'We' refers to the mortals who are not of the kind 'Ayan' :p, or in other words, people who indulge in sub-optimal thinking, don't really know that what 'really' matters is knowledge, are too lazy to challenge themselves or just don'tallow themselves the kind of mental 'freedom' that isthe source of all this creativity...just kidding, butI guess you already know my style ofhumour..offensive...coming back to the 'fast-food'approach to life. What I mean is that 'we' believe inquick fix answers to all the questions in life andnever actually perform an autopsy :). For most of us,a McAnswer would be great because McReasoning spares us from flexing our brain muscles (which is a scary prospect as it reveals to us our 'ignorance').

Another way you are different from us is that you are observant and attentive enough to ask questions which would not cross the minds of many people. And, yet another way you are different from us is that you are Ayan, our very own studious yet fun loving, i-dont-care yet reasoning about everything, modest yet snobbish :-) (guess why ?), relaxed yet restless, independent yet a prisoner to the quest for knowledge, unromantic yet filled with all the poetry in the worldand organized yet 'entangled', AYAN...a living paradox who has an honest desire and a fierce passion to resolve all the conflicts, be it conflicts between the countries or conflicts that every human has with himself.


P.S. : I'm sad that you are going to stop blogging. I always thought that I was the 'friend' and all those letters were for me.


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