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Friday, July 01, 2005

The 'Bubbly girl'

[All characters in this post(except me of course) are purely fictional. Any resemblance to any living person is regretted. The dead are beyond the scope of this post.]
Nowadays with the overpopulation in the mess, you end up sitting on tables with diverse, different bunches, every single meal of the day. And sometimes the discussions you get to overhear are pretty amusing.

First the context (if you've not figured already from the title) ; a new segment seems to have been added to the pre-existing segments into which pretty members of the opposite sex are getting classified. And that's the 'bubbly girl' segment.
Now what exactly are the attributes of a 'bubbly girl', that's been the source of many a passionate discussion at mess tables (Plz remember that this is a discussion among b-school grads, prospective marketing and advertisement whizs, so they've got to use special jargon in special ways for ordinary things; it makes them feel special :-)).

-"The bubbly girl must be intelligent and independent because Preity Zinta, the mascot is intelligent and independent."
(Guess he keeps a dossier on Ms Zinta's life :-))

-"o, the bubbly girl must be dumb because Zinta, throughout her career has been dumb enough to fall for dumb heroes in dumb movies."
(I love this line :-))

-"But we're missing the point, it's not Zinta but the advertising manager's mind that'll tell us about the bubbly girl; now since he's chosen Zinta with so many other faltering/aged super-stars in a single ad, what does that convey about the bubbly girl positioning; insecurity, a need to recapture the centrestage at all costs."
(I'm too scared to imagine what our friend will do when he becomes an advertising manager :-))

-"Ah we're missing the central thing, it's Pepsi that's the bubbly product. What we've got to understand is whether Pepsi has an intelligent brand image, then we'll know whether the bubbly girl is intelligent."
(Now don't ask me how a bottle of coloured water could have an intelligent image :-))

Well, I'm not sure if a final consensus was reached, but one thing is for sure, that Pepsi ad is a huge hit :-).


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