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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ok, I had to come back

Ok, I'm back to writing the blog again...just can't get myself to try to understand the lines in those books...haven't done anything useful in the last 72 hrs (useful in the sense of the term as used by the world) and god knows when my order will be restored.

What's the use of that understanding which I insist upon so much anyway...in the exam I have to produce, not what I understand as right, but what the instructor thinks is right even if it is trash (and most often I can't do that). In projects it is constraints which determine the output rather than the actual understanding, sometimes even when no constraints actually exist. On the job, it'll be what the boss/colleague or customer wants.
OK, one can fight it out and convince others if one truly believes in it, or get convinced if he/she discovers the flaw in his belief...but what do you do if everybone knows what is wrong but still chooses not to see it...
Conspiracy of 'looking normal'...
I mean the system is such that it's so easy to do something that's totally, obviously wrong;
while the whole world is against you if you're trying to do it right...and that's no longer amusing.

A guy was sharpening his pencil and throwing the trash just outside the library door dirtying the otherwise clean quadrangle. Some other guy pointed it out to him, and my god!, what a look!!, not only from the guy who was dirtying the place but also from the guard on-duty. That 'other guy' will now think thrice before doing some such thing...and all through all parties knew what was right.

And it gets even more difficult to digest when those same people start discoursing about virtues at forums and times of their convenience...going to the extent of candidly accepting their own flawed actions and justifying it through sophistry...and it is all done in a tone so fortright that everybody accepts them as saviours. Anyway half the public lacks the capability to see through their sophistry and accepts them as heroes. And the other half which sees through the sophistry is impressed by the candidness and projected earnestness, so they too will not oppose. It's a win-win situation, even if the entire basis is just bogus.

...and how do you manage to lead that everyday life of yours as if nothing has happened; or have you lost your power of feeling; or maybe you too are a part of that conspiracy of 'looking normal'...I was just naive to think of you as otherwise...

This conspiracy of 'appearing normal', it'll suffocate me unless I break it down completely.


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